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Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: Your bags are packed and you are finally are on your way to that vacation you have been looking forward to for so long. Unfortunately, accidents happen! Make sure the hard earned money you've saved for that once in a lifetime trip doesn't end up paying your medical bills instead. Ask about our Travel Insurance coverage today!

Travel Insurance

Whether you’re a vacation traveller, snowbird, or frequent cross-border visitor, make sure you are protected for the unexpected.

Travel insurance has many different types of coverage and can be purchased as single-trip or multi-trip, individual or family package. You can select the plan that’s right for you and your family so that you can travel without having to worry about significant financial impact resulting from unexpected circumstances.

Options Include:

  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Baggage Insurance
  • Visitors to Canada Insurance
  • Snowbird Insurance

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  • Travel Medical
  • Travel Within Canada
  • Other Coverages
  • Visitors
  • Cross-Border
  • Travel Medical

    Whether you are traveling to the United States, worldwide, or within Canada Sussex Insurance offers enhanced coverage’s that you won’t find with other travel insurance providers.

    With varying coverage amounts to choose from and single or multi-trip packages available, you can select the plan that’s right for you and your family.

    Coverage for Single and Multi Trip Policies:

    • provides coverage for injury or sickness requiring an emergency hospital stay or emergency medical treatment while traveling outside of the Insured’s home province or territory whether abroad or within Canada
    • must be a Canadian resident and insured and/or eligible for benefits under a government health care plan of their province or territory
    • $10,000,000 coverage
    • Non-medical evacuation up to $4,000
    • Accommodation and meals expenses up to $700 when flight is delayed for more than 4 hours
    • Additional transport and entertainment expenses up to $200 when flight is delayed for more than 4 hours.
    • No age limit
    • Strong coverage for pre-existing conditions

    Claim Examples

    49-year-old Female: Compound Elbow Fracture

    Broken Elbow Led to Emergency Surgery

    49-year-old Anna was visiting family in California when she tripped and fell at a museum, severely injuring her arm. An ambulance was called and she was taken to Emergency; she suffered a compound elbow fracture, as well as lacerations to her head and legs. Anna’s elbow required immediate surgery. After three days, she was able to leave the hospital to stay with family until her scheduled return to Canada.

    Hospital Fees: $149,845.02
    Doctor Fees: $14,832.88
    Radiology Fees: $1,799.11
    Ambulance Fees: $1,699.27
    Prescriptions Costs: $41.06
    Provincial Medical: – $1,659.45
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance: $166,557.89

    72-year-old Male: Massive Stroke
    Stroke Led to Repatriation

    While vacationing in Florida, 72-year-old Patrick lost consciousness. He was found in his condo by friends, after he didn’t show up for an evening get-together. Patrick was taken to hospital by ambulance, where he was diagnosed with a massive stroke. Unfortunately, he didn’t regain consciousness and was put on life support until family members could be contacted. After several days in intensive care, his family arrived. After speaking with the doctor, the decision was made to disconnect his life support. Patrick passed away peacefully several hours later. Arrangements were made to return his body and his vehicle back to Canada.

    Hospital Fees: $43,950.17
    Doctor Fees: $6,212.33
    Radiology Fees: $2,265.76
    Ambulance Fees: $3,245.00
    Family’s Transportation: $1,156.96
    Repatriation: $4,654.29
    Return of Vehicle: $1,400.90
    Provincial Medical: – $1,600.00
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance: $61,285.41

    *These examples are based on actual claims with pertinent client information changed to protect privacy. Claims are subject to exclusions, limitations, and conditions. Please refer to policy wording for all coverage.

  • Travel Within Canada

    Canadians travelling out of province within Canada may not be aware that their provincial health plan does not fully cover them if they are sick or injured and need medical attention.

    The Government of British Columbia strongly advises residents to purchase additional health insurance when travelling to other Canadian Provinces.

    Medical coverage under MSP is not guaranteed while travelling outside of British Columbia, but is covered while travelling within Canada under Travel Medical insurance.

    If you are travelling to Quebec and are a British Columbia resident, you must purchase Travel Medical insurance.


    Claim Example

    89-year-old Female: Rapid Onset of Confusion & Urinary Tract Infection Led to Trip Interruption

    89-year-old Katherine was travelling alone from British Columbia to Quebec via train when she became confused and disoriented. In Toronto, an ambulance met the train and took Katherine to the nearest hospital. Staff contacted Katherine’s son to inform him of the situation; he agreed to fly out to be with her. At the hospital, the doctor determined Katherine’s confusion was due to a urinary tract infection. She was kept overnight for observation, then discharged the next day. Due to the rapid onset of her confusion, doctors recommended that a family member accompany her either back home or on the rest of her travels. Katherine wanted to continue her trip, so she purchased new train tickets for her and her son to continue on to Quebec.

    Ambulance Fees……………………………………………..$530.00
    PrescriptionCosts ……………………………………………$26.99
    Family Transportation……………………………………..$790.00
    Accommodation and Meals – Trip Interruption….$160.00
    Rail Ticket Toronto to Montreal………………………$152.55
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance.……………..$1,659.54
    *These examples are based on actual claims with pertinent client information changed to protect privacy. Claims are subject to exclusions, limitations, and conditions. Please refer to policy wording for all coverage.

  • Other Coverages

    Sometimes your trip doesn’t go as planned, but there are additional coverage’s you can purchase to help reclaim money already paid out should something prevent you from taking or continuing your trip. We offer the following coverages in addition to medical insurance.

    Trip Cancellation
    Don’t be left paying the bills for a trip you never got to take! You’ve worked hard to save your money and spent hours researching your options. You finally settle on the perfect vacation. unfortunately you just received some unexpected news that means you will have to cancel that long awaited trip. Trip Cancelation coverage can help save you money should your trip be cancelled for an unforeseen event such as injury, illness or severe weather that halts your travel plans. Trip Cancelation can be purchased as a stand alone policy or as a package policy combined with Trip Interruption.

    Trip Interruption
    Don’t leave home without it! You never know once you start on your trip what unexpected even could prevent you from completing your journey. Don’t end up having to pay more for missed flight connections due to unforeseen weather conditions or medical emergencies that are out of your control. Trip interruption insurance will protect you so you can have a worry free vacation once you are on your way.

    Baggage Loss
    Can provide compensation for lost, damaged or stolen luggage including items such as clothing, baggage itself, and personal care items.

    Claim Examples

    Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption

    65-year-old Female: Heart Condition and Diabetes

    65-year-old Marie planned to take a cruise vacation, departing from Miami. She arrived the day before but was experiencing breathing problems, fever, and a cough. She was taken to the hospital and admitted for pneumonia. Marie’s condition deteriorated and she was put on a ventilator. Arrangements were made to return her back to Canada via air ambulance.

    Upon review, it was noted that Marie didn’t purchase Trip Cancellation/Interruption. As a result, the cost of her cruise wasn’t covered. Also on the MHQ, Marie answered that she only took one medication for a heart condition. However, she should have answered three; two for a heart condition and one for Diabetes. Due to answering incorrectly, Travel Underwriters applied the $10,000 deductible, and was still able to reimburse Marie over $65,000.

    Hospital Fees: $44,668.34
    Doctor Fees: $3,628.41
    Radiology Fees: $3,163.37
    Ambulance Fees: $673.73
    Air Ambulance Fees: $25,300.00
    Provincial Medical: – $1,900.00
    Deductible Applied: – $10,000
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance: $65,533.85


    Trip Cancellation

    75-Year-Old Female: Hip Fracture Led to European Trip Cancellation

    75-year-old Marge and 46-year-old Julie purchased a one week river cruise through Europe. They also extended their trip and purchased a week of land tours, accommodation and rail travel. Both Marge and Julie purchased Trip Cancellation when they first booked their trip. However, one month prior to departure, Marge fell and fractured her hip. Due to her injury, both women cancelled the trip. The accommodation charges were 100% refundable and both women claimed for the unused non-refundable portions remaining of their travel expenses.

    Cruise Cost: $2,300.00
    Each Return Airfare: $1,750.00
    Each Rail Tickets: $156.00
    Each Land Tours: $2,743.95
    Each Amount Paid by Travel Insurance: $13,899.90

    *These examples are based on actual claims with pertinent client information changed to protect privacy. Claims are subject to exclusions, limitations, and conditions. Please refer to policy wording for all coverage.

  • Visitors

    Unless you are a resident of Canada you will not be covered for medical costs should you become sick or sustain an injury and need emergency medical attention while visiting.

    It is recommended that visitors to Canada purchase medical insurance prior to coming to Canada, however, it can be purchased while in Canada subject to a waiting period.


    • Visitors to Canada
    • Immigrants waiting for Citizenship
    • Canadians returning to Canada after living abroad
    • Available in increments of $10,000 to a maximum of $300,000 CAD
    • No waiting period on sickness if purchased prior to arrival in Canada
    • Family plan available
    • includes Air Flight Accident and 24 hour Accident Insurance up to $25,000 CAD each

    Super Visa’s

    If you are a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you may be eligible for the Super Visa program.

    • valid for up to 10 years
    • allows you to visit your family in Canada up to 2 years without renewing your status
    • requires a minimum of $100,000 in coverage for at least one year

    Learn more about the Super Visa


    Claim Examples

    17-year-old Male: Spinal Swelling

    Snowboarding Accident Led to Hospitalization.

    Seo, a 17-year-old Korean international student, went snowboarding with friends. While going over a jump, he fell and had a sudden loss of feeling in his lower extremities. Seo was air ambulanced to the hospital, where he was admitted. Tests showed swelling around his spine, but luckily, no fractures. Seo remained in the hospital for one week and was then discharged with anti-inflammatory medication.

    Hospital Fees: $17,458.00
    Doctor Fees : $2,354.55
    Ambulance Fees : $3,500.00
    Prescription Costs : $45.77
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance.…………..$23,358.32

    22-year-old Female: Fibula Fracture

    Field Hockey Incident Led to Hairline Fracture and Muscle Contusion.

    22-year-old Rebecca was attending university in the USA. While playing field hockey for her school, she was struck across the calf with a stick. She was taken to the hospital by her team trainer, and an MRI was scheduled for the next day. She was prescribed crutches and advised to return to Emergency five days later for the MRI results. The MRI determined that she had a hairline fracture of the fibula bone and a muscle contusion. Both would heal on their own, without further treatment.

    Hospital Fees: $7,841.15
    Doctor Fees : $1,346.00
    Radiology Fees: $1,731.22
    Crutch Rental : $15.00
    Provincial Medical: – $150.00
    Amount Paid by Travel Insurance……………$10,753.37

    *These examples are based on actual claims with pertinent client information changed to protect privacy. Claims are subject to exclusions, limitations, and conditions. Please refer to policy wording for all coverage.

  • Cross-Border

    Trek® Travel – Cross border

    Exclusively sold at Sussex Insurance, this annual policy is designed specifically for British Columbians between the ages of 19 and 55 who frequently take short term jaunts for cross border shopping, sporting events or concerts, filling up on gas, picking up or visiting friends or relatives outside of Canada. Trek travel allows you to make unlimited trips during a one year policy so you’re still covered even if you make that last minute decision to cross the border. Ask us today about how you can get covered.

    Trek Travel policy covers:

    • unlimited 5 day trips during the one year policy term
    • additional top up days available for longer trips
    • $2 million in coverage, deductible, no medical health questions
    • Coverage includes Canada, US or worldwide
    • starting at $40 for individual travelers up to the age of 40 and $80 for a family (no limit on number of family members)

    To buy or to renew visit your local Sussex Insurance office today!