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In British Columbia you are required to purchase basic Insurance with ICBC, however, you have choices for your additional optional coverages to protect you and your vehicle.

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You can protect yourself and your vehicle beyond the basic insurance with optional coverage available from ICBC or Private Insurance carriers. Whether it’s a lawsuit, crash, theft, fire, or something as simple as a cracked windshield, optional coverage provides you peace of mind. Our insurance experts will be happy to discuss and help you decide what Autoplan coverages are best for your insurance needs.

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Optional Insurance

Thankfully, you have more options than ICBC when it comes to protecting your vehicle, your family and yourself with optional auto insurance. So, what exactly is optional insurance? While not required, it gives you peace of mind through a wide range of additional or supplemental coverages for just about anything that could go wrong on the road.

Here are the types of optional insurance available to you through Stratford:

  • ExcessThird-Party Liability – Up to $4,800,000
  • Collision (Vehicle Repair)

Comprehensive: covers loss or damage for fire, theft, vandalism and glass breakage. Subject to a deductible.

Additional Protection

  • Accident Forgiveness Protection
  • Concierge Service

Stratford Assist

  • Excess Underinsured Motorist Protection – up to $4,000,000 additional coverage
  • Personal Articles Coverage
  • Replacement Cost Platinum
  • Limited Waiver of Depreciation
  • Gap Protection
  • Recreational Motorhome Coverage
  • Recreational Travel Trailer Coverage

Stratford Saves! More than 80% of British Columbians may save with driving experience, or with an easy-to-use smartphone app that promotes safe driving – and only rewards you for good driving behaviour.

With hundreds of vehicle accidents and other perils occurring in the province every day, you need the right protection. Here’s how you can save with Stratford:

  • Driving experience
  • Vehicle safety features
  • Hybrid-electric or electric vehicles
  • Many of our preferred body shops provide Stratford customers with a 10% discount