Effective September 1st 2019, ICBC is moving to a more driver-based insurance model, and you’ll be asked to list who drives your car. There are a few things you need to prepare and think about before you visit your broker to renew.

When you purchase or renew your insurance you will need to bring the following information:

  The driver’s licence numbers and dates of birth for each driver you want to list on your policy.

  Of the listed drivers, who will be the principal driver for the policy term?

  If your car is driven less than 5,000 km in a year, a photo of your current odometer reading (a potential discount may apply at your next renewal).

 If your vehicle has factory-installed Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) a discount will apply.


For more information contact or visit your nearest Sussex Insurance location.

For a more detailed explanation of ICBC’s changes starting Sept 1, 2019, visit ICBC.com.

While you’re there, use their interactive tool to show how adding drivers can impact your premium.