An Umbrella Liability Policy – What Is It and How Does It Protect Me?

Umbrella Liability Policy

What is it?

An umbrella policy extends coverage over and above the liability limit of your primary insurance. In other words, it provides excess liability coverage for your home, auto, seasonal, and recreational policies in the event that they cannot fully cover a loss.

How does it protect me?

For example:

  • If you cause a vehicle accident, the total of the claim may exceed the liability limit of your auto policy. Your umbrella policy would help to cover the remaining costs up to the limit of the umbrella policy.  
  • If someone is injured in your pool or on your trampoline, your umbrella policy would be there to help cover the costs of the injuries that exceed the limit of your home insurance (subject to the umbrella policy limit).

An umbrella liability policy is essentially your last line of defence against the worst case scenario.

Do I need umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is important because you can never be too protected. Life presents unexpected challenges, so extra coverage means extra peace of mind.

If you:

  • Travel frequently
  • Own multiple vehicles (recreational included)
  • Own/rent out multiple residences
  • Own a business

You should consider the extra protection an umbrella policy can give you. Contact the Sussex Insurance Centre at 1-855-578-7739 to find out if an umbrella insurance policy is right for you.