Thinking of Travelling During the Holidays? Why Travel Insurance Is So Important

Thinking of Travelling During the Holidays? Why Travel Insurance is so Important

Everyone wants to have a safe and happy journey but sometimes things just don’t go your way.

Whether you’re journeying to a foreign country or simply going shopping across the border, there is a travel package that will fit your needs including single or multi-trip, individual, or family coverage. Purchasing travel protection before embarking on your trip will help reimburse out of pocket expenses caused by unforeseen illness or injury, unexpected trip cancellation or interruption or lost or stolen luggage.

The following coverages are available when considering Travel Insurance:

Emergency Medical coverage

This coverage will help reimburse for any unforeseen costs due to a non-pre-existing illness or accident while traveling. If you get sick with the flu or break a bone and require hospitalization you may be compensated for any out of pocket expenses incurred. Claims can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the illness or injuries and the length of stay required in a hospital.

Trip cancellation/interruption

While nobody ever expects to cancel their travel plans, sometimes unexpected circumstances can make it necessary to do so. Therefore it is always recommended to purchase Trip Cancellation and/or Trip Interruption when booking a trip. Trip Cancellation insurance will help reimburse costs if you cancel your trip before departing and Trip Interruption will help reimburse for costs if your trip is interrupted after you have left.

Baggage Insurance

It’s never fun when you make it to your destination but your personal belongings don’t. This coverage will help reimburse for the loss, damage or theft of your luggage and/or personal effects while in transit, at your hotel or en route anywhere in the world whether it’s on water, land or in the air.

Medical Plans include:

Single trip travel medical – individual and/or family plans

Multi-trip travel medical – individual and /or family plans

Other Optional Travel Insurance Packages:

Visitors to Canada – covers visitors to Canada that may need medical treatment before becoming eligible for the provincial health plan coverage.

Trek Travel – annual multi-trip medical coverage includes $2 million coverage for trips up to 5 days. Perfect for weekend shopping or sporting event trips to the US.

Sussex Insurance offers enhanced travel coverages. You can select the

plan that’s right for you and your family so that you can travel without financial worry from any unexpected circumstances.

To find out what coverage is right for you, visit our Travel Insurance services page or contact one of our Sussex Insurance Agents who will be happy to help you pick the right coverage.