Spring Flooding: Protect Your Home

Spring Flooding: Protect Your Home

With the amount of rainfall BC receives annually, many residents this time of year are left wondering whether spring showers will give way to spring flooding.


If you’re a homeowner, you should be asking: “Does my home insurance cover me for flood damage?”


The quick answer is no. Flood damage is generally excluded in most home policies including policies for home, condominiums, townhouses, tenants and other residential policies.


Yet flood damage can be devastating to both your home and contents. It’s important that homeowners and tenants do their best to ensure that the necessary actions have been taken in order to minimize the potential risks of flooding. If your home or contents are damaged due to flooding it is important to ensure repairs are done quickly as mold and structural degradation may occur. This checklist from Emergency Management BC provides a good start to protect your home from flooding:


Before Potential Flood Tips Graphic


Flood-proof your home:

  • Build sand bag dikes; dig a trench one sack deep and two sacks wide, laying sacs in alternating criss­cross directions.
  • Move appliances above anticipated flood level if possible
  • Secure and anchor propane tanks.
  • Stabilize your oil tank and weigh it down with sandbags.
  • Turn off utilities at main switches and valves and unplug electrical items.
  • Shut off the gas valve at the meter.
  • Move pesticides, weed killers, fertilizers and anything else that may contaminate water to a higher level.
  • Plug all basement sewer connections; plug toilet, sink and shower drains.

In the case of a flood, BC residents can apply for a Canadian government flood grant, which is part of the Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) plan.

Always review your policy wordings and if you are still unsure of your coverage, contact one of our professional Insurance Agents at our Sussex Insurance Service Centre and they will be happy to review your coverage’s with you and answer any questions you may have.