Insurance For Your Peace of Mind

Insurance for Your Peace of Mind

Whether you have purchased a new car or home, a boat or Rv, or planning a vacation or starting a business, insurance provides financial security and peace of mind for anything life throws your way. With insurance coverage best-suited for your needs, you can rest assure that no matter what the incident or sudden loss, you and your family will be able to recover quickly.

Without insurance, you could lose thousands – or even hundreds of thousands of dollars – paying out of pocket. That means you could lose your home, savings, or even your kids’ college fund. Skipping on proper insurance coverage is never worth it. Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, so finding the right insurance is important to help you recover from an unexpected occurrence.

Below are some coverage’s that could help lessen a financial impact in the event your suffer a loss.


Auto: Private Auto, Motorcycle

Every driver in British Columbia is required to purchase basic Insurance with ICBC; but you have choices for your optional coverage which can include additional liability, coverage to protect your vehicle(collision) windshield and/or fire and theft coverage (comprehensive) and other auto related coverage’s.


Homeowner Insurance: Tenant, Condo, Mobile Home, Recreational properties

Your home and its contents are your family’s most valuable asset, which is why it is important to make sure you have the best protection.

Your policy coverage and premium will be based on some factors such as the value of your home for rebuilding purposes, where your home is located, the age of your home, the square footage as well as other important details that your agent will confirm with you.

Make sure you speak with a knowledgeable agent that will assess your needs and ensure you have the best policy suited to your needs.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will cover you for any can unforeseen accidents, sickness, or trip interruption when you are travelling out of province or your country of origin.

There are several travel medical plans to choose from including single-trip or multi-trip, individual or family as well as trip Interruption and Baggage coverage.  By selecting the right coverage for your trip you can help alleviate any unforeseen expenses should your trip be interrupted by any medical or weather related incidents.


Business Insurance: home-based to commercial

Even if you have a successful business, disaster could strike and you could risk losing everything.

Business insurance can be purchased to cover every aspect of your business, such as fire, theft, inventory and equipment coverage and most importantly liability. Without protection, business owners take on the responsibility for any losses incurred in these circumstances.


Marine Insurance

Some homeowner policies provide limited coverage for boats but often restrict what they will insure based on length and/or horsepower of the watercraft. Whether you own an executive yacht or a runabout, a high-powered speedboat or a sailboat always ensure you are covered before heading out on the water.


Recreational Insurance: Motorhome, Fifth wheel, Travel Trailer, ATV

Enjoy the toys! Whether you love adventuring in the backcountry on your ATV, cruising in your camper, or sitting lakeside in your motorhome, make sure you have peace of mind by ensuring you and your toys are covered.

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