Is Your Home Insurance Ready For Halloween?

Home Insurance For Halloween

Trick-or-treaters will soon be knocking on your door asking for candy, and as a homeowner, it’s important to know how to avoid potential accidents. While vandalism and property damage are just some of the scary Halloween insurance concerns, you also have to consider the possibility of trick-or-treaters getting hurt on your property. Through simple preventative measures, you can limit the possibility of mishaps and make sure everyone has a good time this Halloween.

Here’s a look at five insurance risks and tips on how to avoid them. If you are unsure about what constitutes a hazard, check with your insurance agent.

Slips and falls

Smaller children are running around in clunky costumes that might already compromise their ability to walk or see. Add the excitement of candy to the mix and you have a recipe for slips and falls. To prevent the likelihood of an accident, make sure your home is well lit and walkways are clear. Check around your property for flowerpots, low tree stumps, wires, garden hoses, loose brick, branches, toys, and anything else that may prove hazardous to young children rushing across your lawn.

Candles or decorations that can cause a fire

Halloween just isn’t the same without a spooky jack-o-lantern on the front porch. But every year, candles around the home or inside pumpkins cause accidental fires. Instead of flames, use a battery operated candle or even glow sticks. If you do use an open flame, do not put candles, matches or lighters in places children can reach.

Dog Bites

Even the best-behaved dog can become frightened by the sight of strangers in masks approaching the house in hordes. To prevent any mishaps think about keeping your dog in a separate room during the trick or treat hour.

Tricksters damaging your home

While vandalism is covered, you have to assess the amount of damage and whether it is worth filing a claim given your deductible. To deter potential troublemakers, keep the porch lights on later and consider investing in motion-sensor lights. Damage to your car is typically an auto insurance issue through a comprehensive policy.

Hosting a haunted house

If you plan on turning your dwelling into a haunted house open to visitors, be mindful of your admissions policy. If you charge people to wander through your home or yard, your home insurance would likely not cover any accidents or damages because you are running a business. If you are thinking of holding a Halloween party for friends or colleagues, just keep in mind that if you’re going to be serving alcohol at your party, you may be held responsible for your guests’ actions. Consider limiting the number of drinks each guest can consume and make sure everyone has a safe ride home.

To avoid any unnecessary scares this Halloween, check to make sure your policies cover these common concerns and understand any exclusion that may exist. At Sussex Insurance, we shop all of our companies to provide you with the best coverage and premiums that suit your needs, so you don’t have to worry about damage claims causing you nightmares long after Halloween is over.