Back To School: Slow Down and Be Road Sign Aware

Back to school is in full swing with thousands of BC children wrapping up their first week back. This is an ideal time to review the rules of the road to make sure you’re being school safe as your morning and afternoon commute could possibly be impacted.

Drivers, be aware that when school road rules come into effect, this can potentially change or add time to your regular commute. This is a also a prime time for accidents as motorists have become accustomed to lighter traffic in the summer. It’s important for drivers to slow down and pay attention to the posted signs in areas where children are present.

Sussex Insurance encourages you to be safe, drive smart, and follow these back to school driving tips.

Back to School Driving Tips

School Safe In School Zones:

During the school season, speed limits in school zones are a maximum of 30km/hr from 8am to 5pm on school days (Monday to Friday). Speeding in a school zone is not only dangerous, but if you are caught you could be paying a fine at double the price and three driving points. School entrances are always busier during pickup and drop-off times, especially from 2pm to 4pm. Follow the school’s posted signs to help ease the congestion and stay with the flow of traffic.

When approaching a school zone, be aware that children may dart out from in-between parked cars or cross the street unexpectedly – especially if the bell has rung. Stay alert and refrain from distracted driving.

School Safe In Crosswalks & Roadways:

Crosswalks will also be busier during this time as many students (and their parents) will be walking to and from school. Many crosswalks have designated crossing guards to ensure children arrive safely , but if you come across an uncontrolled crosswalk, slow down and always be vigilant as children can run across the street at any time.

Never pass a vehicle stopped for a pedestrian no matter who has the right of way, this is the same for school buses. If a school bus has the stop sign out, you must come to a complete stop and wait for children to cross safely. Failure to stop for a school bus can cost you $368 and three driving points.

School Safe In Play Areas:

As with school zones, the same speed limits apply to parks and recreation areas. Therefore, as a driver you’ll need to take extra care in school zones, near playgrounds, parks and residential areas.

During the school season, remember to keep an eye out for posted signs such as changes in speed limits, children play areas and crosswalk signs.

Back to school is a busy time for everyone, but with these tips it can be a safe and happy one.