5 Things to Prepare For a Road Trip

Five Things to Prepare for a Road Trip

With summer is coming to an end and autumn starting up it’s not too late to plan a last-minute road trip. No matter where you are going it’s always best to be as prepared as you can. Before you embark on your road trip, here are five things to prepare before you go.

Pack Wisely

Depending on the size of your trunk, the size of your vehicle, and the number of people coming along, you can easily end up with more bags than you actually have space for. Tell your friends or family members how many bags they can bring so know you will have enough space for everyone’s things. Remember to arrange them in such a way that essentials are easily accessed without much digging. Be sure that the driver always has a clear view of the road from the rear-view mirror, and don’t pile bags so high that they create a safety hazard.

Don’t forget entertainment

Whether the trip is twelve hours or two days, making sure you have ample entertainment to last throughout the trip will make the trip more enjoyable and help pass the time. You’ll be thankful for entertainment if you are traveling with kids, by yourself, or are stuck in a traffic jam. Take the time to build the perfect playlist, download audiobooks, research fun games for passengers, or download a movie for the kids in the back seat.

Map it out, and plan for stops

Map out your route and plan for a few stops along the way for meals, stretches, and sightseeing, it’s all part of road tripping! Using your phone or GPS is convenient for directions but make sure you add on a roaming package if you are leaving your coverage area or if you are crossing the border.

Also, make sure you have a backup plan in case your devices run out of power or if you are out of cell phone range. Remember to bring a car charger if you are using your phone, and a current paper map in case things go awry. Look up potential stops ahead of time, so that you already know about great restaurants or roadside attractions on your way.

Food, Snacks, and Water

The option to stop for food and water is almost always there, but having to stop constantly because someone is hungry can quickly become frustrating and eat up valuable driving time. Pack car-friendly snacks and beverages and make them easily accessible while driving. If you are planning to cross the border, research what food items are not allowed to cross with you. Keep water on hand at all times to keep everyone hydrated, especially if it’s going to be a hot drive.

Your Vehicle

The last thing you want is to have automotive issues on the road. Schedule a tune-up before you leave if you are due for one, change your oil, and check your tires. Take those extra steps to ensure your car is ready for the trip just as you are. Don’t forget about travel insurance! Remember to take an extra look at your insurance to make sure you are covered on this trip. Even within Canada, Canadians need travel insurance in case of unexpected medical expenses.

Wherever the road may take you, make sure you and your travel companions are protected with the right insurance and follow our list of things to prepare for a road trip. Visit your nearest Sussex Insurance to talk about what automotive or travel insurance you might need.